Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Model Rocket Kits at ModelRockets.us

After many years of being involved with educational model rocketry...we decided to offer our own kits specifically designed for the teachers, students, scout troops and youth groups!

We listened to many of you who are involved in educational model rockety programs and decided to do things differently. We learned that there was concern about younger students and scouts using cutting tools...So we laser pre-cut everything, including thrust ring grooves, motor hook slots, fin slots and balsa fins. We even decided to laser pre-mark the tubes for centering rings, launch lugs and fins so using marking guides and doorways to draw your fin lines are a thing of the past!

Our own experience with model rockets that were easily damaged by rough handling encourage us to make the tubes thicker and stronger. And, after building kits with cryptic instructions with little or no pictures or illustrations we decided to put as many 3D illustrations in our instructions as we could fit. We took the best ideas from all the model rocket kit manufacturers and added many of our own to come up with what we think is the best Model Rocket Kit Bulk Pack line being manufactured today.

For more information go to ModelRockets.us